Sometimes small but meaningful ideas and innovations get overlooked in our quest for the ‘big idea’. It’s unfortunate, but in the world of marketing and communications this happens every day.

We’re so busy searching for the game changer — the idea no one’s thought of yet — that we look past small, simple modifications to our clients businesses. Ultimately, it’s these tiny changes that could have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction and increase both attraction and retention. Whether it’s the way a customer service rep answers the phone, the seating in a restaurant (think Pink Berry’s lucite chairs), or an intuitive understanding of how your audience talks (Facebook’s ‘hugs’, ‘bitch slap’ application), everything communicates to customers. As marketing professionals we need to remember that small innovations may just be the new big idea.

British branding and design guru Paul Bennett reinforces this concept and expresses it through an interesting speech on design. He explains that design doesn’t have to be about grand gestures, but can solve small, universal and overlooked problems.  Check out this insightful video on