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In the frenetic world of US advertising, the pace is always accelerating. Even traditional respites from the rat race such as the yoga studio are succumbing to the pressure to do more, faster. In both realms, the tradition and art form are slowly being eroded.

That’s why I’ve taken a renewed interest in Iyengar yoga. The trademark of Iyengar yoga is the intense focus on the subtleties of each posture. It’s about patience, form and understanding that sometimes slow, steady, quality movements and postures produce the best results.

Sadly, there’s a trend across America towards fast-paced yoga classes filled withchaturangas (push-ups), vertical postures and jerky movements. The tradition and art form are being eroded. It’s an apt metaphor for what’s happening in American advertising these days. Last year’s obsessive drive towards “real-time” media, coupled with an almost insatiable appetite among agencies and marketers to one-up themselves, has begun to devalue the time and money it takes to create enduring, intelligent campaigns and ideas.

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