The first line of this blog post pretty much says it all…

“Let me get this out of the way… The Fuji x100 is the greatest digital camera ever made and may just be the greatest camera I have ever owned. You’ll have a hard damn time convincing me otherwise. I can state with confidence that this is my favorite camera I have ever owned. Period. End of story. Done. Best. Camera. EVAR. OMG. Etc…”

Although I’m beyond enamored with the Fuji x100, I’ve treated it as an object of desire since purchasing it rather than a functional piece of equipment. Further, my behavior when it comes to photography has changed dramatically in the last 24 months with the advent of solid smart phone camera technology and social sharing applications like Instagram.

I plan to write a separate POV on how casual photography has changed in a ‘social’ world and what the future holds for camera manufacturers going forward. Stay tuned. For now, enjoy this piece.