One word…”stunning”. Well maybe two words…”stunning” and “expensive”.

According to Leica, “anything that looks like titanium, is titanium.” It’s also coated with a fingerprint-resistant overlay, and the bundle is slated to include the camera itself, a 35mm Summilux F/1.4 prime lens, lens hood, a new carrying concept (just a single hook for a carry strap), a newfangled electronic illumination system and a fanciful cardboard box made somewhere in the Black Forest. Just 500 of these kits are being produced and sold for an undisclosed amount starting in November, and chances are all but one or two have already been claimed. Good luck getting in line, and you might as well forget scoring the four millionth Leica camera to be produced since 1923 — a specially-stamped M9 ‘Titanium’ — as that one’s being given away to someone far more important than us tonight.