See more of Brazil’s inside-out architecture

Long before Le Corbusier and his modernist teachings reached the country, Brazilian architecture had blurred the boundaries of interior and exterior – a recurring element one could consider a respected tradition more than a new trend.

Stemming from the advantages of Brazil’s warm climate and spanning different typologies, the inside-out philosophy is still very much alive in Brazilian architecture. We scouted three of the Brazil’s three most recent embodiments of this epitomous inside-out trait.

Located in the fashionably up-and-coming Villa Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo, the double-height Girassol Pavilion by Brasil Arquitetura appears discreet from the street-level passerby but provides an ideal multifunctional space including swimming pool, sauna and generous openings towards the lush garden.

Meanwhile, fast-emerging practice FGMF has started construction for a new and almost completely wall-less private residence in Botucatu. FGMF are also currently experimenting with the idea of transparency and sustainable prefabrication in a new store for cosmetics company Natura in São Paulo’s outskirts.

Over in Rio, architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães is also exploring the idea of architectural openness. His most recent residential project, MA House, in the mountainous countryside near Petropolis, features a warm wood-based design and large floor-to-ceiling glass walls which transform the house into a large viewing platform towards the area’s rolling hills.

17 May 2010 | News

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