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We’re not the greatest at tooting our own horn, but when somebody else that matters picks up our horn + blasts a fanfare worthy of Aaron Copeland, even we feel compelled to showcase it.

What follows is a feature on SS+K in the latest edition of Communication Arts, perhaps the most prestigious chronicle of creativity in America.

It’s our story, quite well told by award-winning journalist + author, Warren Berger. He wrote nice words + the editors generously gave us pages + pages showing our work. Lots of it.

Far be it from us to make predictions, but when an agency is featured in Communication Arts, it’s often not so much a celebration of an agency’s amazing past as a prediction of an amazing future.

We follow in the footsteps of the Chiat/Days, Goodby Silversteins + Crispin Porter Boguskys. Big footsteps indeed. But as a friend of ours wrote for the New York Lottery, ‘Hey, you never know.’

You can download a PDF of the entire article here: Comm_Arts_SSK

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