Cannes Speech

As some of my readers know, I had the good fortune of presenting at the networkone’s independent agency showcase in Cannes this past June. It was a wonderful experience engaging with an international audience and sharing a sneak peak into my firm, SS+K, and some of the strategic tools and devices that make our work so unique.

A special thanks to Julian Boulding, President of the networkone, for inviting SS+K to present on this esteemed panel and for drawing such diverse talent together year after year.

I was flanked by two incredibly talented men — Filip Nilsson, Executive Creative Director, Chairman – Forsman & Bodenfors and Fernando Campos, Partner, Creative Director – Santa Clara. Both gentleman run non-traditional, independent agencies that have consistently been ranked among the best creative shops in the world.

I encourage you to learn more about these two firms and check out their work. Forsman & Bodenfors is based in Sweden and Santa Clara is located in Brazil.

Of course if you have any feedback on my presentation, I’ll gladly take that too. I start speaking at the 4 minute mark directly after Julian Boulding.

Fernando Campos, Partner, Creative Director – S