Susan Boyle

Yesterday’s New York Times article, “Yes, Looks Do Matter” about Susan Boyle, the dowdy Scottish spinster with a face for radio who sang her way to fame on “Britain’s Got Talent” TV show turned me beet red with anger and stimulated an ice cream style headache.

Are we as a society that f**king shallow? Why are we this fascinated with a less then attractive middle aged woman who can sing? She’s not suffering from any special needs — none that I can see. So what is it about Susan Boyle that has galvanized people from different countries, races and religions the world over? Of note, Ms. Boyle’s audition officially ranks as the most popular and most watched YouTube video EVER.

I’m busy telling my 8 year old twins that daddy and mommy don’t care how they look, but rather how they act to others — how they behave as human beings and the media continue to run at odds with this message. I tell them to look beyond material things and focus on deeds and actions, but everything in society contradicts me. The final straw was flipping through the New York Times yesterday and my daughter looking over my shoulder at the article, “Yes, Looks Do Matter” saying, “I thought you told me that they didn’t daddy.”

Sorry folks, I can’t jump on this bandwagon. No fake Paula Abdul open finger claps from The Third Place today — just a salty attitude and extreme disapproval.