Back in January I created a series called, “Speaking Through Pictures” on The Third Place.

Unofficially, I’d been posting art — primarily typography and graphics — to help me express my feelings and emotions since I started blogging but I wanted to codify this installation under its own moniker given its increased prominence in my life.

Since then, a number of people reacted both positively and negatively to this series. Those who appreciate my writing view “Speaking Through Pictures” as a cop-out — a way of posting something expediently. Others say the series resonates with them on a visual and emotional level.

The truth is, this form of expression takes just as much time as writing for me. Often times I look through hundreds of pictures just to find the right one. That one piece of art that expresses how I feel at that moment and, I hope, speaks to a larger audience. To be clear, I do not design these images — I search for them. Other, more talented people than me have created these works. I am simply a curator and this has become my museum. Almost all of the visuals highlighted in this series have a link to their original source. Just click on any image and it should take you there.

As I’ve said before, I love to write but sometimes my brain doesn’t cooperate. It thinks laterally — visually.  In these instances, I need to draw upon inspiration from design, photography, typography, architecture and other visual stimuli to help me make sense of the way I feel and the world around me.

I hope you enjoy the series and please continue to share your opinions with me.