Little Nikki

Someone told me to build a house of cards the other day;

They said, build it to withstand the wind and I did;

They said, build it to withstand the rain and I did;

They said, build it to withstand hail and I did;

They asked me if I could build on top of it, around it, on the sides of it and I did…I did…I did;

Finally, the house was complete;

A big, beautiful, architectural marvel stood before me;

Then one day, they asked me to remove one card at a time, so I did;

One by one I deconstructed that house, that beautiful house, I had built slowly, methodically, over time;

And it stood.

Soon there were very few cards remaining in this house – this house of cards.

They asked me again if the house would still stand if I removed just a few more cards.

So I turned to them and said, I don’t know.


I wrote this in haste about 8 months ago and buried it in a bin of old e-mails. I found it today and thought it was worth publishing. Who knows, maybe it will resonate with someone.