I'm Not Doing Shit...


I can be accessed anywhere, everywhere — e-mail, Instant Messanger, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Chat, blog, mobile, text messaging, landline, LinkedIn — and often times with the click of one button. My mobile phone never sleeps and my computer is always glowing. If someone needs me, they get me. I’m so busy — so f**king important.

Welcome to the counter-productive economy where everyone’s really busy and no one’s doing shit. That is, nothing of substance.

We’ve entered an age where all of our inputs equal very little output. Where responding to threads and pings makes us feel important — worse productive — but yields very little benefit throughout the day. Take  e-mail which after over 15 years of mass proliferation and adoption is still widely misused and abused, couple it with the new forms of social media mentioned above, and you’ve got the makings of a new, new economy — the counter-productive kind.

After reading this post, I encourage you to take a good, hard look at what you need to accomplish this week. What are the 3-5 substantive activities you must address each day? Keep a log to see when you start working on them. Since they’re the most important, one would assume you’d approach these activities first, but my guess is you won’t. You’ll respond to e-mails, connect with Friends on Facebook, Tweet random and profound thoughts, and respond to other people’s priorities rather than confront your own throughout the day. That is until the end of the day when you’re presumably pressed for time and no longer at your peek performance.

I continue to witness the emergence of new applications that help connect us, but none that truly make us more productive by aggregating these inputs under one roof (think iGoogle).

Word of advice. Embrace social media, but don’t let it crush you in the process.