I’ve been meaning to thank my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and readers for their warmth and support as the news surfaced the other week about my new job.

As many of you know by now, I recently became the President of SS+K, a  respected creative, integrated marketing and communications firm. SS+K, which is partially owned by Creative Artist Agency (CAA), counts, Audi, Delta, and AOL’s Platform A among it’s clients and is more recently famous for it’s work on the Obama campaign (see recent Wall Street Journal article here).

In short, the agency creates campaigns promoting an issue or an idea that draft off larger social trends or ‘forces’. In other words, it harnesses social forces to ignite brands and issues. It does it in ways that overcome the barriers people erect because of the many things competing for their attention. This often includes non-traditional approaches to media and channel planning so that messages are integrated into consumers’ lives. The firm has a diverse offering that includes:


advertising  |  original content  |  online + offline


engagement  |  mobilization  |  activation


design  |   identity  |  brand architecture


digital dialogue  |  media relations

It’s a wonderful multi-disciplinary agency with incredible talent and a unique ethos. I feel fortunate to be part of their family as we enter the new year.

Thank you all again for your warmth and well wishes as I engage in my newest endeavor. I genuinely appreciate your support.

Happy New Year!