Marketers looking for examples of the power and influence of social media and consumer generated content need to look no further than Twine.

Twine is a Web site that helps users collect online content — videos, photos, articles, Web pages, products — and brings it all together by topic, so they can have it in one place and share it with anyone they want. It’s powered by semantic understanding, which means Twine gets to know you. It automatically learns about your interests and makes connections and recommendations tailored to you. The more you use Twine, the more useful it becomes.

But that’s not why I’m writing about Twine today.

The site opened itself to the public yesterday, a year after being in Beta, and released an official ‘How To…’ video which you can see below. This video clearly and succinctly communicates the benefits of Twine’s offering in under 2 minutes.

Simultaneously, an unofficial version of Twine’s ‘How To…’ video was released as a spoof. Originally intended for Twine’s employees only, the unofficial video made it’s way to YouTube and is also featured here after the break. This video takes a decidedly different and humorous approach to communicating Twine’s benefits to potential users.

At last count on YouTube, the UNOFFICIAL Twine video was viewed by 6,606 people. Conversely, the OFFICIAL Twine video was viewed by a whopping 30 people.

Marketers take note…consumers, employees and ordinary citizens now have control of your brand. Let go and enjoy the ride.





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