I picked up a fallen leaf on my way to work today. A gorgeous amber colored leaf with remnants of emerald green, its original hue, still intact although fading quickly. I’ve always been drawn to leaves this time of year. Fall brings the Northeast a dizzying array of colors that dust the tree tops as far as the eye can see — lemon yellow, honey brown, burnt orange and fluorescent pink to name a few.

But this particular leaf mesmerized me. Perhaps it was the calm, still silence of my walk to the train station that fostered an acute appreciation for the simple and the beautiful in life. I’m not really sure. But I felt compelled to pick this one leaf up and hold it gently in my hands on my commute to work. I unconsciously caressed its skin as I read the newspaper — like I needed to touch something real, something tangible — to ground myself in reality again.

The cacophony of news and information about our pear-shaped economy, the roller coaster ups and downs of the Dow, gloom and doom predictions about marketing, and the political attack advertising is forcing introspection upon us.

Be thankful for the things you have. Be grateful for love, honesty, compassion and kindness in this world and most importantly, stay positive.

This too shall pass.