Adweek’s running an OP/ED I wrote for the magazine today called, The Specialists…For Broadcast and Digital Production, Send in the Experts.

Here’s an excerpt and link to the article:

…So even though most digital creative and technical talent will tell you they know how to produce some newfangled concept, the truth is many of them don’t — especially at the larger mainstream agencies. It’s not that they can’t figure it out; they just haven’t done it before. As a result, budgets are busted and time is wasted without the technical proficiency of a skilled producer and a team of specialists — interactive designers, programmers and developers — who understand the complexity of the digital canvas. These skilled practitioners turn out some of the best, most innovative work and make it look easy. It’s not.

Yet senior management at large agencies ask their existing talent to produce award-winning digital work. They’re demanding that everyone become multi-lingual — able to conceive of and develop digital and “traditional” ideas for any client. It’s true that good ideas can come from any corner of the office, but development? That’s when you need a licensed plumber, so to speak….

Read the full article here.

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