Richard Edelman, a titan in the field of public relations, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. He’s been documenting his fight with the big ‘C’ on his blog with undeniable clarity, elegance and heart.

While his account is sobering, it provides valuable lessons for anyone who’s been directly or indirectly touched by cancer. Lessons like:

  • We are all fallible;
  • We must love ourselves first and become our own patient advocates;
  • Information is power; and
  • With the right attitude, even the most difficult situations are surmountable.

Here are a few excerpts from Richard’s most recent post, but I encourage you to read his blog in its entirety.

The Scimitar Falls; I’m Walking On

I am in Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, recovering from a radical prostatectomy that was performed on Tuesday. I have been assured by my physician that my prostate cancer has been completely eliminated and that I should be able to get on with my life without adverse consequences. As you may recall, I wrote a blog post in September, 2007 describing my first interaction with this disease. Here are the further and hopefully final chapters of the story.

Chapter One—In January and again in February, my PSA test showed a significant increase from December. Given that this jump occurred in a very short period of time, my NY based urologist discounted the result and prescribed an antibiotic to combat what he diagnosed as a urinary tract infection. I had a PSA test decline, so the urologist told me not to worry but that if I insisted, he would perform a second needle biopsy. As described in my earlier post, this procedure is equivalent to random walk investing, taking 10 core samples from all areas of the prostate….

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