Meetupthe world’s largest network of local groups, is running a clever viral campaign to promote its services.

The ‘terrestrial’ social network, which helps people organize and find local groups, crafted an initiative called Here, they reference an epidemic called: Screen Addiction where electronic screens invade every corner of your life. The campaign is marked by an adorable animated video demonstrating how we’ve become a hyper-connected society consumed by screens and gadgets and not enough real life interactions.

I wrote about a similar condition in my post The New Normal Is Not So Normal back in June. It’s called, Constant Partial Attention Disorder (CPAD).

Meetup’s campaign resonated with me because I think it taps into a simple human truth — Americans are out of control and need to reengage in life again. Between e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, AIM, etc. we rarely lift our heads up from our iPhones to smell the roses anymore.

On that note, it’s time for me to disconnect. Until tomorrow my friends.