There’s a terrific article in the August issue of GQ Magazine titled, “Congratulations, You’re Fired!” by Cecil Donahue.

For anyone working in the new, new economy, this article is a must read. Be sure to keep a pad nearby so you can scribble notes. You may need them one day.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the first paragraph and a link to the article:

“A few days ago while hauling my sorry ass to work, I ran into my old pal Tim. I hadn’t seen him in a while and was shocked by his appearance. He looked great, all loose-limbed and smiley — a far cry from the ashen-faced, clench-jawed bundle of nerves I’d grown accustomed to. I asked him if he’d lost some weight. Nope. Been working out? Nuh-uh. Back from vacation? Negatory. What then, gave him the right to be so chipper on a Monday morning? ‘I got fired last week,’ he said…”