As some of my Twitter ‘Followers’ now know, my wife gave birth to our 3rd child yesterday morning. The reason they know this is because I Tweeted through most of her labor.

Given my initial skepticism towards Twitter (see my initial post “To Tweet or Not To Tweet” here), I found my own behavior and interest in Tweeting during a major life event rather odd. In truth, Twitter provided me with an opportunity to divert my nervous attention away from my wife and into my Blackberry, but it’s bizarre nonetheless.

Anyway, for those who didn’t see the Tweet string, here it is with time stamps attached:

Tweeting Thru Labor and Birth:

Friends, i will embark on a Tweeting 1st today – Twittering the birth of my 3rd child from the hospital         

Water broke at around 2:30AM this morning. we woke the kids up, jumped in the car and made our way to the hospital. it’s now 5:20AM.  

 The c-section was originally schedule for June 16, but this baby won’t wait. June 11 is the day. 

Cell reception is spotty in the hospital so I’m not sure i’ll be able to Tweet thru labor. IVs were just inserted in my wife’s arm.         

Taking pics and video. Oh here’s the nurse with my scrubs. 

She told my wife and i that the doctor will deliver the baby around 6AM today. Can’t wait to meet this beautiful baby! 

GTG…be back soon. 

Contractions are happening more frequently. 

Just changed into hospital scrubs and feeling pretty goofy in them. 

Tweeting is actually good for my nerves cause I’m sorts feekin out. 

15 minutes to ‘scheduled’ birth. surreal! 

Can i get a Tweeting Emmy for this string of Tweets. Please. 

Sorry folks. Couldn’t tweet in the OR. I’m back now. it’s 7:25am and…

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Travis Nolen Kay 

Weighing in at 7 pounds and measuring over 20 inches in length he looks amazing! 

Nothing and i mean nothing grounds you like holding a new born baby in your arms. makes you forget all the stupid crap we stress over. 

A big thank you to my extended Twitter family for all of the congrats on my new baby. wife and mini Tweet are doing well  from web