At the encouragement of several friends and colleagues in the industry (e.g., TangerineToad, Brian Morrissey, etc.), I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. What started out as an innocent blog post on The Third Place — To Tweet or Not To Tweet — cascaded into a voyeuristic obsession for me over the last two weeks.

In truth, I’ve been observing Twitter more than participating, but I must admit the novelty of tweeting is fun and uniquely satisfying because of its immediacy and access to the collective wisdom  of crowds (more on this in a moment).

That said, I’m still somewhat confounded by the merits of this application and its contribution to social media based on the way people are using it today. Yes, it’s true there are Tweeters who post, share and collect information with each other in a meaningful way, but many tweeters still seem to be screaming into a dark cave only to hear their echos reverberate in the loneliness of this empty chamber. Simply put — one way banter.

So here’s my question…What if Twitter harnessed the Wisdom of Crowds by organizing itself into verticals. By this I mean:

Restaurant Mavens – Tweets on where to eat (regionalized by city e.g., NYC, Miami);

Movie Aficionados – Tweets from movie buffs (can be segmented by drama, comedy, etc.);

Real Estate junkies – Tweets on where to live and neighborhoods to avoid (regionalized by city);

Museum Buffs – Tweets from museum lovers;

Outdoor Recreation – Tweets on the best parks, hikes and cycling paths (regionalized by city);

Traffic Jammers – Tweets on the best way to avoid traffic — anywhere at anytime; and

Friends that Fly with Ease – Tweets on the quickest routes from point A to B.

You get the point.

For example, if I’m on the Lower East Side and looking for a good restaurant, I can Twitter my “Restaurant Maven” friends from my mobile phone and immediately access the opinions of people I presumably respect and follow. Same goes for movies and museums.

What’s cool here is this concept can be pushed into a thousand directions. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the Cross Bronx Expressway and need a fast route out, just tweet your friends on the “Traffic Jammers” vertical. Or, if you’re flying from NY to O’Hare and arrive at the airport only to find out that your flights are canceled, Tweet your friends on the “Friends that Fly with Ease” vertical to find out alternative routes.

So Tweeters…Am I crazy or does this make sense? More importantly, does it already exist and have I missed it? 

Let me know what you think and thanks in advance for your contributions to this post.