I’m beginning to think we’ve hit a new low in the interactive business but I’m willing to be convinced otherwise. Twittering is all the rage and I’m still not sure why. I’ve never considered myself an early-adopter of anything; however, I’m also far from a luddite.

Alright, so I was late to the blogging movement and only took an active posture with LinkedIn and Facebook in the last 12 months, but I’ve been involved with the Web since it’s early rise over a decade ago and never have I felt so alien to a new form of communication before. Twittering is an obsession I can’t yet understand.

Has our sense of self become so distorted and inwardly focused that we actually think people care about everything we say and do?  Tweeters tell me I’m wrong — that I’m glib and haven’t yet seen the promise of this newfangled form of communication. Like e-mail before it, perhaps we’re watching the next true digital utility mature before our eyes.

I’m an active multi-tasker. In fact, like many of my brethren in this field I’ve typed e-mails on my computer while simultaneously texting on my mobile phone and holding a ‘live’ conversation with more than one person in my office. But Tweets have taken multi-tasking to a new level. They’re leading a parallel existence. Present, but not really there. Constantly telling their Twittering brothers and sisters everything they’re doing while their actually doing it. It’s kinda weird.

Perhaps a longitudinal observation of Twitter streams reveals hidden marketing secrets not readily apparent to lay people like me. Or, as my friend the Toad points out, maybe it will lead to a forum for experts. You sign up to receive tweets from experts in various areas of your choosing and they provide you with a certain number of expert tweets during the day. Links and/or advice. 

At this point though, I’m not very hopeful. When I look at the common thread, I’m hard pressed to believe there’s something magical here. Tell me what value a Tweet like this one has…

Raz1: Taking the A Train downtown  about 15 minutes ago

Raz1: Off the train..woofing a burrito. Tastes good, but it’s got a kick  about 5 minutes ago

Raz1: That burrito made my belly loco. Sweat cascading down my forehead. Need to hit the boy’s room before heading out to a party  about 2 minutes ago

Tweets, I’m not trying to douse kerosine on a fire. Nor am I attempting to prolong a dialogue that appears to be active on most blogs today; however, I am genuinely interested in what real value you see in this form of communications.  To clarify, by ‘real’, I mean value to a marketer.

Please add comments and discuss.