I had the opportunity to read through a few of my favorite design rags on a long flight to Aspen, Co. recently and stumbled upon some terrific products where design turned dogma on its head in each of their respective categories. The descriptions are a direct lift from the magazines, but I’m hopeful you’ll like my limited selection of the products chosen. Enjoy. 


1. Hub, by French product designer Ora Ito, keeps the cords of your phone, camera, printer and MP3 player out of the way with color coded USB ports that sprout from its base.

2. The retro-revivalists at Hulger now produce a version of their Pip handset with Bluetooth base the lets you make free calls over the Internet.

3. Designed without ornament and using a standard blade, this stainless-steel prototype shaver by German Gerhardt Kellerman is a welcome addition to the over-designed cluttering up of your bathroom.

4. This educational toy is inspired and designed from Japanese ancient playing called “piles of stones.” From a child to an adult, it is the balance game that anyone can enjoy. Since it is simple form, you may enjoy it as an art object. Please see, touch and feel. Designer: design office A4

5. The Home Hero fire extinguisher, by the Arnell Group from Home Depot, is a welcome alternative to the typical alarm-red canister.

6. You can get USB sticks in the shape of teddy bears pr you can get something more sophisticated  — 1GB of memory in a sliver and black package that looks like a Deco lighter from Christofle.